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His-T is a new nutraceutical from Biote developed to support healthy testosterone balance for men.*


His-T may help support testosterone levels and balanced cortisol levels, support sexual desire and function, support vascular health, and support health and longevity.* Research also suggests that balanced testosterone levels help with body composition1 and bone mineral density.2


His-T may help:

o  Support healthy testosterone levels*

o  Support and balance the body’s stress hormone levels*

o  Support nitric oxide production, which is important for vascular and sexual health*


Plus, healthy testosterone levels may help support health, wellness, and longevity.*


Supports Multi-Mechanistic Hormone Balance:

o  Selective estrogen receptor modulation (SERM)

o  Prolactin

o  Aromatase

o  Five-alpha reductase

o  Luteinizing hormone


Who Could Benefit from His-T?

o  Any man older than 18

o  Men using hormone replacement therapy as well as those who are not

o  Men seeking healthy testosterone balance using nutraceuticals   

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